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Parents and Caregivers Luncheon

Friday, September 23 from 12-2pm

Join us for "The Puzzle Pieces of Parenting" in which Barbara talks about her puzzle piece perspective.  This engaging lecture discusses different colors:  "greens" (areas of gifting) and "pinks" (areas of struggle).  The puzzle example shows the way God formed each one as parts of a body to fit together, like a puzzle piece in a puzzle.


Explore together how inclusive community supports the needs and uses the gifts,                   so that each child can not only belong, but even serve and be a gift to others --and                 parents are encouraged to let the child use his or her gifts in community and NOT                   be secluded.

Music provided by Jack Triebold Music. Jack is a 15-year-old singer/songwriter living in Mount Pleasant, SC. He was mesmerized by music, musical toys and videos even before he could talk and began taking guitar lessons at age 8. Click HERE for more information and to view Jack's bio. His website is



Bethany United Methodist Church

Bridges Ministry 

118 West Third South Street

Summerville, SC

Contact:  Lisa Jolly


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ABOUT Barbara

Barbara J Newman is a church and school consultant for Christian Learning Center Network. She is the author of many books and resources, including Accessible Gospel, Inclusive Worship. She has written for Joni and Friends, Friendship Ministries, and is a national speaker at conferences and churches. She also enjoys working in her classroom at Zeeland Christian School in Michigan.



Jack was born 6 weeks premature with Cerebral Palsy and was also diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder before the age of 2. After many years of occupational, speech and physical therapies as well as 10 surgeries, he barely has a limp from his leg length discrepancy, and on stage, there are no noticeable issues. It took him years to choose whether he would be right or left-handed. The disease affects the left side of his body, so the fact that he writes and eats with his left hand is interesting, yet he plays guitar with his right.

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